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It’s NOT OK to smoke Marijuana around children, 
but this state question expressly changes the 
threshold for child endangerment by specifically 
permitting smoking of marijuana around children.

SQ 820 hampers single parents trying to protect 
their children.
The fine print on the state question 
prohibits courts from considering abuse of marijuana 
in child custody and visitation cases. 

SQ 820 will lead to more infants and toddlers 
Oklahoma already averages reporting 
one marijuana overdose a day for children under five

years old. Other states have seen these numbers triple

when adding recreational. 

Child overdoses will be more severe. SQ 820 does 
NOT limit on THC content. This puts our kids at even 
more risk. According to medical doctors, when children 
ingest high THC edibles that look like candy, cookies, 
or chips they are at risk for siezures or even coma.

SQ 820 will encourage more violence. We have 
already had execution style killings in Oklahoma 
related to the marijuana black market. Law 
enforcement agrees passage of SQ 820 will provide 
more cover for illegal activity.  

SQ 820 fails to address the very real concerns of 
foreign ownership of our land, as well as excessive 
water and electricity usage that strains our 

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